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hannah + christopher / this is what love is
Friday 7th October, 2016
kirsty + craig / the kit to my kat
Monday 3rd October, 2016
laura + samuel / forever in our bubble
Friday 26th August, 2016

Well, this one nearly had me in tears. Married at the beautiful Leez Priory, probably my most frequently visited venue this year, Laura and Samuel had a very laid back unconventional wedding. With no bridesmaids or best man I was a little worried what the speeches may deliver in terms of voiceover however the three speakers on the day delivered beautiful speeches that left me with more useable content than I knew what to do with! The full film is relatively short but the frequent dips into and out of voiceover makes it really engaging to watch and I can't wait for Laura and Samuel to watch it.

As always it was great fun to work alongside Kevin and Sabrina from Pengelly Photography.

Keep an eye out for a really amazing gift from Laura to Samuel. A personally illustrated "The Story of Us" book with several blank pages to me filled in in the future. It's a lovely thought to imagine what more adventures these two globe trotters may use to fill up those pages. What a wonderful idea.

louise + paul / for ages
Venue: South Farm
Saturday 13th August, 2016

Louise and Paul both work in the wedding industry. In the wedding photography industry no less. PRESSURE!

This isn't the first wedding photographers wedding I've filmed but that certainly didn't ease the nerves as I pulled up to South Farm on a glorious July day. Luckily after chatting to both Paul and Louise for just a few minutes I quickly felt at ease and settled into the relaxed flow of their wedding. 

The wedding was great fun from start to finish and I could listen to Paul's movie voiceover quality voice all day long and that made editing the trailer great fun. 

There is one recurring theme in this trailer and that is the importance of family in all of our lives. Especially Paul's touching words "we never fully appreciate what we've lost until it's gone".

charlotte + keith / this is why I love you
Tuesday 9th August, 2016

Hengrave Hall never fails to disappoint and Charlotte and Keith's beautiful wedding was no exception. Their eye for detail was so evident in the stunning visual treats around every corner and those balloons... wow. 

Keith delivered a fantastic original speech which was a joy to work with making their full film one of the longest I've ever edited. There was just too much that I couldn't bare to cut out!

I particularly enjoyed Keith's rather sweary (I've edited the naughty bits out!) reaction to one of his presents from Charlotte. A round of golf at Augusta and tickets to the masters final. I'm not jealous at all. No, really.

A beautiful wedding from start to finish. I hope you enjoy the trailer.

jo + andy / nothing was blurred
Wednesday 29th June, 2016

Here's a very important trailer for me. The first I've ever posted where I wasn't the main camera operator! Instead it was my right hand man Grant's turn to step up to the plate for the wedding of his good friends Jo & Andy.

Grant filmed all of the morning prep and evening on his own and I had a nice easy (and short!) day. Seeing as this was the first time Grant had been main camera operator, I think you'll agree, The G-Man nailed it!

Make sure you watch until the very end. Andy's speech almost had me in tears. Beautifully written and masterfully delivered!

I'm going to stop waffling before Grant asks for a pay rise.


charlotte + ben / let the adventure begin
Monday 30th May, 2016

Sometimes simplicity has more power than throwing everything at a trailer and I think this is a good example of that. Two people writing a letter to eachother, nothing more.

sarah + adam / a perfect love
Wednesday 11th May, 2016

Sarah and Adam were married in May 2016 at Braxted Park and my word what a day it was. Braxted Park has always been one of the most beautiful venues to look at as you approach down the drive and when Scott from The Edge Photography and I noticed that there were also what seemed like more bluebells than either of us had ever seen in one place, we knew we were set to get some stunning visuals.

Working alongside some true professionals including Botias Hair & Beauty, Lovelight Entertainment and Timeless Acoustic made it a really pleasurable day to be a part of.

Sarah and Adam were great fun throughout and clearly so very much in love. They even bought each other almost identical gifts.. (No, Adam's didn't have the heel). They are clearly a very well suited pair!

jennifer + theo
between the shadow and the soul
Saturday 30th April, 2016

They say you can have too much of a good thing. Well, if the good thing is Leez Priory, that is incorrect. Just plain wrong.

Yet another visit to the Tudor mansion this year for me and it never fails to disappoint. 

I received such a warm welcome from Jenn and her bridesmaids who had travelled from New York, California and Arizona and this set the tone for the entire day where each and every guest chatted with was as warm and friendly as I could have hoped for. A thoroughly nice bunch!

It was great to work alongside Michelle Walker, Sarah Drummond and Rebecca Farries once again although I did feel a bit outnumbered by the ladies. It was just like being at home...

The Client Area
Friday 22nd April, 2016

For a while now you excited bunch have been able to log in to your own personal space of rideoutfilms.com to manage and provide details of your wedding film booking. 

I really love using this tool and thought that the work that Jim at EstStudio.com put in deserved being shown off so take a look at a number of screen grabs that highlight just how simple the Client Area is to use.

In there you can see balance information along with bank details for your payment and update the details of your day that are relevant to the wedding film. Things like timings for the day, who will be giving a speech and if there are any songs you'd particularly like included in the film can all be inputted, amended and updated 24/7. There are also a series of hints and tips (taken from this blog post) throughout that will explain what you can do to get the most out of your wedding film. 

You can even upload a cute little photo of yourselves to the home page, watch the seconds counting down to your wedding ceremony and share this exciting series of digits with your friends and family on facebook. 

Pretty cool eh? Cool


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