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rebecca + ben / this is personal
Friday 2nd December, 2016
sophie + paul / for so many days
Thursday 24th November, 2016
joanne + joseph / every second of it was worth it
Thursday 24th November, 2016
ashley + tanya / hand in hand, heart in heart
Wednesday 16th November, 2016
alex + mark / it all started on platform 10
Thursday 10th November, 2016
laura + lloyd / my favourite place to go
Tuesday 25th October, 2016
victoria + bradley / our favourite hairbrained idea
Friday 14th October, 2016
hannah + christopher / this is what love is
Friday 7th October, 2016
kirsty + craig / the kit to my kat
Monday 3rd October, 2016
laura + samuel / forever in our bubble
Friday 26th August, 2016

Well, this one nearly had me in tears. Married at the beautiful Leez Priory, probably my most frequently visited venue this year, Laura and Samuel had a very laid back unconventional wedding. With no bridesmaids or best man I was a little worried what the speeches may deliver in terms of voiceover however the three speakers on the day delivered beautiful speeches that left me with more useable content than I knew what to do with! The full film is relatively short but the frequent dips into and out of voiceover makes it really engaging to watch and I can't wait for Laura and Samuel to watch it.

As always it was great fun to work alongside Kevin and Sabrina from Pengelly Photography.

Keep an eye out for a really amazing gift from Laura to Samuel. A personally illustrated "The Story of Us" book with several blank pages to me filled in in the future. It's a lovely thought to imagine what more adventures these two globe trotters may use to fill up those pages. What a wonderful idea.


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I never even considered having the wedding filmed until we came across you at my cousins wedding and was blown away! Ami & Jamie

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